The Impact Social Media Can Have on Your Personal Injury Case

Our San Jose Attorneys Share Their Expertise

Are you active on social media? Keeping friends and family updated on life events may include posting about your personal injury cases; know that these posts can impact the outcome of your suit or settlement. While technology makes everyday life easier, it can complicate and sabotage a liability claim if you are not careful.  

San Jose lawyers offer the following advice regarding social media:


Be Wary

Be wary of accepting invitations and friend requests on social media during this time. This is a clever way that insurance carriers will try to access your personal information to use against you during a personal injury case or lawsuit. Be careful who you allow access to your posts and pictures.


Use Discretion

A San Jose personal injury lawyer encourages those with injury claims to be discreet and not to post anything related to the accident or injury right. Make sure that you tell family and loved ones to do the same.


Think Twice

Think twice before you post or comment on social media. Photos, posts, and information could be used against you later. A good rule of thumb to follow is to imagine your post coming up in a court of law; how will it help or harm your claim? Follow your gut instinct and don’t post anything that could impact your case.  


Adjust Privacy Settings

Adjust and monitor the privacy settings that you have established for your social media pages and platforms. During the time you are involved in a personal injury claim or suit, make sure that your settings are the most limited and restrictive possible to help keep your personal information private. Know that anything you post, regardless of settings, can be made public via sharing and hacking, so know that what you share online is out there for the whole world to potentially see.


Why is an Experienced Bay Area Personal Injury Attorney Important?

Use these tips to prevent your social media pages and posts from impacting the outcome of your personal injury case. Have you suffered an injury? For legal advice and representation, talk to a Bay Area personal injury attorney at Farling, Hecht & Davis, LLP, a San Jose, CA law firm specializing in personal injury law. Contact us here to schedule a free consultation and discuss your rights.