Brain Injuries

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Brain Injuries

The brain is the most important organ of the body. It controls the body’s vital functions, our thoughts, and our emotions. A brain injury may devastate one’s ability to enjoy life and normal activities. It often leaves an everlasting impact on victims and their families. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) often requires significant medical treatment, rehabilitation, and other resources to make the injured person’s life as full and complete as possible. Few medical problems are as shattering. Some victims spend the rest of their live in a coma. The San Jose brain injury attorneys at Farling, Hecht & Davis, LLP can help in the event you have suffered a brain injury.

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Dealing with Life After a Brain Injury

Brain injuries vary depending on the area of impact and the type of incident and the effects of a brain injury may not manifest right away. When an individual’s personality changes right away or their cognitive abilities decline, an individual or their family may not connect it to a previous incident. Brain trauma injuries often arise from automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, premises liability accidents, sports-related injuries, and criminal assaults. Brain injuries can also occur during the birth of a child or when an individual undergoes surgery.

Due to the complex nature and makeup of the brain even a minor injury can cause profound consequences, such as:

Severe concussions Anoxic injuries
Hypoxia Difficulty speaking
Memory loss Physical disabilities
Learning disabilities Paralysis
Depression Schizophrenia

San Jose Brain Injury Attorneys

The San Jose brain injury attorneys at Farling, Hecht & Davis, LLP are experienced at helping brain injury victims evaluate the extent of their injuries and the lifetime economic and non-economic damages associated with those injuries. We carefully document every aspect of the case to pursue fair compensation from the responsible parties. Contact one of our dedicated San Jose brain injury attorneys at 408.295.6100 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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