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The book also includes a number of sultry photographs, among them one that shows semi-naked Appel spanking another woman and a second that depicts her totally naked and straddling a motorbike.

And Daily Mail TV can reveal that Appel had a history of maritime catastrophes: she acquired the Sea Nymph last year having written off her first boat, the FSOW, in an accident in January 2012.

Some of the steamier scenes feature 50 Shades of Gray style bondage and domination, lesbian sex and graphic depictions of threesomes with married couples and younger lovers.

Now it was her turn.'Despite her literary hopes of success, the loss of the FSOW in 2012 meant a destitute Appel was briefly forced to sleep on friends' sofas.

After he finished kissing her from head to toe and causing several gushing orgasms, he untied her wrists and laid her on the bed.

Now it was her turn' In the introduction, Appel, who holds a degree in landscape architecture from Texas A&M University, called herself 'a cougar who has been engaged four times but never married'.

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Appel (pictured naked on a motor bike) was a self styled 'kinky sailor' who set off from Hawaii in an 'unseaworthy' yacht after paying for the trip by working as a dominatrix and an exotic dancer, Daily Mail TV can exclusively reveal The petite blonde penned her first erotic novel, The Original Niagara Falls Angel Falls: The Nephilim Stories Part One, in 2005 – re-released in a 'revised' edition in 2011.

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