Relative dating of geological strata

Volume (Issue No.):page number [number of illustrations, number of tables, number of references] The subject index contains over 400 primary entries arranged alphabetically. Kegagalan cerun di Lebuh Raya Timur Barat : survei dari Jeli ke Sri Banding (Slope failures along the East West Highway : a survey from Jeli to Sri Banding).

Geologists observe the geologic layers and try to reconstruct the sequence of events.

: Seminar on the Petroleum Geology of the Sunda Shelf, Kuala Lumpur, 16 Dec.

Reconnaissance paleomagnetic measurements on Triassic and Jurassic sedimentary rocks from Thailand [abstract].

The citations are organised in the following way: AUTHOR/S, Year.

Title of paper (Title of paper in English for papers in Bahasa Malaysia). Teknik analisis pengaktifan neutron (NAA) dalam kajian geologi (Neutron activation analysis technique in geological research) [abstract].

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