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When they meet years later, they decide to dump their respective lover/spouse and make a bid for happiness.

It revolves around Veer and Mira, who are madly in love with each other, but are separated by a tragedy.Activists say builders and landlords often cut corners on safety to save costs.Sadiq Khan has landed in Mumbai in a bid to drum up trade for London and to boost cultural ties with India and Pakistan.She said was at the restaurant when the fire started and 'before we knew it the whole place was engulfed in a matter of seconds.' The building, located in the formerly industrial area of central Mumbai, houses several upscale restaurants that had moved in over the last few years to make it a popular nightlife destination, the New Delhi Television channel reported.Babu Lal, who was celebrating his granddaughter's birthday at the restaurant, complained of poor safety standards at the crowded restaurant.

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