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This article introduced the basics of Amazon Simple Store Service REST API.It detailed how to implement bucket creation in Java and how to deal with S3 security principles.The following figure shows the appearance of opening an XML document on a web browser. You can click on the " " and "-" sign to expand and collapse a portion of the tree., if its structure meets the XML specification, i.e., it is syntactically correct.

public String sign(String data) throws Exception ...: HTTP/1.1 200 OK x-amz-id-2: t ILPE8NBqo Q2Xn9Badd Gf/Yl LCSiwr KP OQOpbi5zaz MQ3p C56KQg Gk x-amz-request-id: 676918167DFF7F8C Date: Sun, GMT Location: /onjava Content-Length: 0 Server: Amazon S3Note: Thanks to ACL, an AWS user can grant read access to objects for anyone (anonymous).When performing a file transfer with S3, you will be responsible for streaming the objects.A good implementation will always stream objects, as otherwise they will grow in Java's heap; with S3's limit of 5 GB on an object, you could quickly be seeing an Adding custom meta-data to an object is an interesting feature.S3 provides both SOAP and REST APIs; this article focuses on using the S3 REST API with the Java programming language. Once you have an AWS (Amazon Web Services) account, you can create up to 100 buckets associated with that account. With this naming scheme, S3 storage can appear as a regular file system with folders and subfolders.Notice that the bucket name can also be the hostname in the URL, so your object could also be addressed by . This is important not just for your own purposes, but also because customers are billed depending on how their S3 buckets and objects are used.

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