What Are California’s Most Common Car Accidents?

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Bay Area Car Accident Lawyers Describe The Most Common Collisions

Accidents do happen, and when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, there are a few common causes universally. In California, most incidents on the highways are due to a few factors that – in many instances – are totally avoidable. If you have been involved in an accident, talk to a San Jose vehicle collision attorney to determine your rights and liability right away.

The most common type of car accidents on California roads are:

Intersection collisions.
Around one-third of all accidents in this state occur at intersections. This may occur due to confusion regarding right-of-way, which can put vehicles or pedestrians at risk. Know the rules of the road and laws pertaining to right-of-way before driving in California and know that it is a ‘comparative negligence’ state.

Rear-end fender benders.
The most common cause of an accident is a rear-end crash. These can lead to head, spine, and neck injuries, or ‘whiplash.’ These types of accidents often happen at intersections and stop-signs and are frequently due to driver inattention and distraction like texting, talking on the phone, or hurrying. In worst-case scenarios, these can lead to multi-vehicle incidents and pile-ups, incurring great expense and potential fatality.

Single-vehicle accidents.
Another common cause is single-vehicle accidents, such as due to drunk driving and driving inexperience. Driving distracted is another reason for incidents that can make insurance rates soar. Talk to a San Jose lawyer for more information to recover and rebuild your driving history.

Flips and roll-overs.
Roll-overs are dangerous and quite common across the state. This includes incidents where your vehicle is flipped from its position on all four-wheels. These often occur due to speeding, and puts your passengers at risk for injuries to the head, chest, and spinal cord, and could result in paralysis or amputation in severe accidents.

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the road, particularly pertaining to pedestrian rights. Car accident lawyers suggest being attentive to walkers and foot-traffic as pedestrians have the right to safely cross intersections and streets with and without marked crosswalks. Motorists are expected to maintain a speed that is safe and that doesn’t pose a hazard to pedestrians.

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If you travel the roads and highways of California, be aware and avoid these common causes for accidents. Have you been involved in an incident? Talk to a Bay Area personal injury attorney at Farling, Hecht & Davis, LLP, in San Jose for advice. It is easy to be involved in a car accident in California, so contact us to make sure that you have legal assistance to navigate the court system and protect your rights.