What To Look For When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

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5 Ways to Find The Personal Injury Lawyer That is Right For You

Do you need a lawyer? Before you agree to allow someone to represent you, make sure that you hired the right personal injury attorney for your distinct legal needs. If you’re looking for a Bay Area attorney, here are five things that will make the decision easier for you.

1. Availability
What good is having a lawyer if you can never reach them? Look for a firm that makes time to speak with you and that has enough time to give your case the attention and effort it deserves. Having trouble getting a call-back? Move on; there are plenty of reputable San Jose personal injury lawyers that would appreciate the opportunity to represent you.

2. Attentiveness
You don’t want to spend each meeting or call with your attorney recapping or reiterating facts of the case. Watch to see how attentive your lawyer is and how often you remind them of information pertinent to your injury case. This is something that you may be able to tease-out from online reviews and feedback from previous clients.

3. Honesty
You want to find an San Jose lawyer that is honest and straightforward. If you think that something sounds too good to be true, it might be; some counsel may elaborate victories to get you on-board. Talk to friends, family, and peers in the area to glean referrals and to determine which lawyers in the Bay Area have a reputation for honesty.

4. Experience
Naturally, it makes sense to hire a legal representative with experience in personal injury law. Look for a San Jose law firm with years of fighting for their clients and that have a proven track record of garnering compensation for those that have been injured.

5. Reputation
Check the reputation of potential Bay Area personal injury attorneys online and from the feedback left by those retaining them. There are always some sour grapes, but you should be able to determine the overall reputation and regard of those lawyers that you are considering from this information.

Our Bay Area Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here To Help

When looking for a personal injury attorney in the Bay Area, be sure to consult with Farling, Hecht & Davis, LLP, a San Jose law firm with a combined 75 years of experience fighting for clients – just like you! Use these tips to ensure you are hiring the right lawyer for your case, which may also improve the potential outcome of your legal dispute. Click here to contact us online toda