How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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Employment Law Strictly Forbids Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted act, conduct, or behavior that is sexual in nature and that creates a hostile or intimidating workplace environment. Being subjected to sexual harassment can lower your employees’ comfort, safety, and performance, and often has lasting emotional effects.

Prevent incidents of sexual harassment in your workplace with these tips:

Adopt a Policy

Create and construct a clear policy regarding sexual harassment for your workplace. This likely will involve collaboration with department heads and human research professionals; outline a zero-tolerance for behavior that impedes on the performance and job satisfaction of others.

This policy needs to encompass how to report incidents of sexual harassment and offer the steps for submitting complaints clearly. Reduce any ambiguous areas or action with a comprehensive and concise sexual harassment policy; consult with an employment law attorney well-versed in sexual harassment and business law with questions or concerns.

Disseminate Information

It is essential to disseminate information to your team, and to train them in policies and practices related to workplace safety – including recognizing and reporting sexual harassment. It is suggested that businesses train their team twice a year to stay current on any policy changes or modifications. Give each employee a tactile reminder of the policies with an employee handbook, which they can refer to for other company-related information as well.

Be Serious

It is your duty – as well as an obligation for all staff in supervisory or management positions – to take all reports and complaints of sexual harassment seriously. Set aside any biases or pre-existing relationships with your team to accept and fully-investigate each and every claim. In order to maintain a safe and trusting workplace, employees need to feel safe bringing you concerns – and trust that you will do something about it.

Have a Presence

Another way to prevent incidents of sexual harassment at work is to maintain an authoritative presence. This includes monitoring and assessing your staff intermittently and unexpectedly. A consistent and constant supervisory presence can deter such activity from occurring.

Be Vigilant

Finally, be vigilant about maintaining a safe workplace and preventing sexual harassment. Do not tolerate any incidents that make any staff uncomfortable. It is easy to become complacent; be consistent in your efforts to educate and empathize with your team to reduce situations of sexual harassment.

Contact Our San Jose Business Law Attorneys for Guidance

Prevent these type of incidents by consulting a qualified sexual harassment attorney and strive to make each and every member of your team feel valued and safe. If you have questions pertaining to incidences or claims of harassment, reach out to our team at Farling, Hecht & Davis in San Jose. Be proactive to reduce sexual harassment at your workplace – while also lowering the potential of lawsuits.