How to Seek Justice for a Dog Bite Injury

personal injury lawyer on dog bite cases

Dog Bites Can Cause Major Personal Injury

If you live in California, dog bites are a serious problem. Dog bites are painful and traumatic, often impeding everyday function. Given the prevalence of dog-bites in the Bay Area, know who is liable for your injuries and when to contact a dog bite attorney in San Jose.

If you’ve suffered injuries from a dog bite, our Bay Area personal injury attorneys are here to discuss your rights and to determine who is at-fault:

Dog Owner

In California, the law assigns liability for dog bites to the owner of the animal, so make sure you find out who the dog belongs to if you are bitten. This is often the case even if the owner was unaware that their dog was a danger, or if they tried to prevent the attack.


If the dog is being cared-for by a shelter, kennel, or pound, or if an individual allows a dangerous animal on their premises, they could be liable for your dog bite injury.


If the dangerous dog is on the property of a landlord or HOA, owned by a tenant or guest, they could be subsequently liable. Most court judgments only find the landlord liable if they were aware that there was a dangerous dog on the property.

The Victim

There are times when you, the victim, will be responsible for your dog bite injuries. If you were trespassing on the property of the dog owner–for example, you cut-across someone’s yard and are bitten–you will likely be found liable.

Courts often award dog bite victims compensation for their medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering in cases where the victim is not liable. If your attorney proves that the dog owner acted recklessly, you may also be able to garner punitive compensation. If you’ve been bitten or attacked by a dog in the San Jose area, contact our personal injury lawyers today.

Get Help from a San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be difficult to ascertain damages for a dog bit injury, which makes it imperative that you hire a qualified dog bite attorney for help. Don’t attempt to settle with insurance agents without legal representation; call the team at Farling, Hecht & Davis, a San Jose law firm, for dog bite cases and more information. Contact us online here for a free consultation.