Do You Need a Criminal Law Attorney For a Minor?

san jose criminal law lawyerSan Jose Lawyers Discuss Why Having a Criminal Defense Attorney is a Good Idea for Minors

Though it may seem remote and bizarre, having a good criminal law attorney on hand for your teenager isn’t a bad idea.

Do you really need a criminal defense attorney for a minor? Let’s take a look at some things that could happen.

Preparation For Legal Protection

Being a teenager is perhaps the most turbulent time in a person’s life, not only for the teen, but also for the parents. It is almost impossible for parents to comprehend that their child committed a crime. After all, you’ve kept a close eye on their upbringing, and demonstrated the distinction between what is morally right and wrong. However, despite all of this, social influence plays a big role in behavior and there’s always a possibility that they’ll need representation in the event of a law violation, also known as an infraction.

It may be unimaginable for a well-behaved teenager to be charged with a felony, misdemeanor or property damage. Street-fighting, gang wars and bullying are all common activities that are present in our society. Unfortunately, there are even instances where death is involved. The fact is that your child’s future can change in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to be prepared for anything that could possibly happen.

A criminal law lawyer can help protect your child’s rights when the following criminal cases happen:

  • Sex offenses
  • Theft/robbery
  • Violent crimes
  • Assault charges
  • Drug charges, DUI

Can Parents Get Involved?

Believe it or not, the parent(s) of a minor can face charges as well. Many state laws assume that a minor has committed a particular crime due to the legal guardian or parent’s lack of supervision. The Civil Code Section under 1714.1 in California states that legal guardians or parents are liable for “Willful Misconduct.”

How A San Jose Criminal Law Attorney Can Help You and Your Child

A criminal defense lawyer will explain the pros and cons pertaining to your child’s particular case. He or she will also educate you on the risks involved with convictions and the punishment that your child is facing. You will gain a greater understanding on how the legal system works when a minor is involved in either a serious or petty crime. From there, the criminal defense attorney will work out a solution in the form of a trial or plea deal. You and your child’s rights will be fully protected when you call a San Jose criminal defense lawyer.

If your child or someone you know has been charged with a serious crime, the first step you should take is to hire a capable attorney. You will need the best possible legal help in order to overcome these life-changing obstacles.

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