Back-to-School Tips for Drivers and Pedestrian Safety

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Bay Area Personal Injury Attorney Tips for Pedestrian Safety

As summer draws to a close, school is starting and more children are out and about on the streets. Drive carefully and use safety protocol to avoid injuries, accidents, and fender-benders this fall. Be wary when driving on California roads and byways to prevent issues that may merit the assistance of a San Jose car accident attorney.

Some back-to-school safety tips for drivers include:

Take your time and slow down. Make a point to slow down near and around schools, bus stops, and community locations where kids congregate this time of year. According to San Jose car accident lawyers, slowing-down is a proactive measure that motorists can take to protect themselves and others.

Carpool if you can. Carpool whenever possible and cut down on overall traffic and congestion that could be contributing to unsafe conditions. California encourages carpools and ride-shares with special lanes on major highways; take advantage of these perks with a full-car. Be part of the solution to the traffic problem.

Be prepared to stop. To prevent accidents, be prepared to stop for buses, kids, and cars picking up and dropping off. Many Bay Area personal injury attorneys suggest that this is the most prudent way to prevent common injuries, like whiplash and back pain, and to preserve safety in school zones.

Yield to pedestrians. Be respectful of pedestrians that you encounter; yield to them and don’t honk and startle those in your way. Our San Jose pedestrian accident lawyers remind motorists that pedestrians have special rights at intersections and when crossing the street, so know the laws and be considerate of those on-foot.

Remember who you share the road with. Remember that you are sharing the road with new drivers. This inexperience could contribute to a collision; be particularly defensive and cautious, even when you have the right of way. Be patient with new drivers.

Keep an eye out for bicycles. Keep a watchful eye out for bicycles. While they adhere to the same rules of the road, they can also show up in blind spots, which could create a potentially dangerous situation.

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As Bay Area children prepare to return to school this fall, pay extra attention to your surroundings when driving. There will be congestion and traffic near schools and bus stops, so allow yourself some extra commuting time, if possible, and be patient. If you find yourself in a precarious situation or have had an accident, contact our San Jose attorneys at Farling, Hecht & Davis for advice and legal discourse for personal injury and pedestrian accidents in the Bay Area.