Why You Should See a Doctor Within 72 Hours of a Car Accident

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San Jose Vehicle Collision Attorneys Discuss the Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

When you are the victim of a car accident, it is imperative that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Any personal injury attorney will tell you that insurance companies tend to get a little stubborn if you do not seek treatment within the first 72 hours of an accident. This applies even if your injuries are not substantial; but if they are, we understand that is the last thing you would ever want to deal with.

Is it imperative not to go over the 72-hour mark?

Yes it is. Insurance claims are very complex, and dealing with insurance providers should be left to your attorney. Insurance companies follow a very strict principle that claims must be made within this threshold. It is under their discretion as to what can be listened to and what can be dismissed. They simply won’t process your claim because you came in 5 days after the accident and made your case.

When you first contact your insurance company to notify them of the incident, there are some things you need to avoid saying. For example, do not tell them that you are okay, or that you feel you have not been hurt. This could derail your chances of getting compensated, and could form a basis for arguments against you. In addition, you cannot evaluate your own health status–that is why you need to see a doctor for evaluation. Making statements about your state of health is wrong unless you have undergone a thorough checkup.

Signs that you have been injured in an accident

Sometimes you won’t feel the pain of an injury, and that is usually attributed to shock and confusion. Some indicators that you have indeed suffered injuries include muscle tension, sore or stiff neck, bruises and sprains, numbness, ringing in the ears and general body discomfort.

The importance of medical records

It is understandable that you would feel a little tired or weary after an accident. You may even need to have someone drive you to the hospital. Once you get there, explain your case and do not be held back by long queues if your condition is critical. Urgent care centers and emergency departments in hospitals will always be willing to look into your case.

Once you have been treated, keep all of your medical records from the moment you walk in the door. Insurance companies are going to request these because they want to know if you indeed went to a hospital and suffered expenses. Make copies of the records for yourself as well as your attorney.

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