Should You See a Lawyer For Minor Injuries After a Car Accident?

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San Jose Vehicle Collision Attorneys Discuss Car Accident Injuries

On the fence about talking to a Bay Area lawyer regarding a recent car accident? There are many reasons to consult with a San Jose vehicle collision attorney – especially if you sustained any injury, regardless of how minor. Don’t think of hiring an attorney as a drastic measure; protect yourself by learning more.

Should you see a lawyer for minor injuries after a car accident? The short answer is: yes! Here are some reasons why:

Defend against disputes. Talking to an attorney who has expertise in auto accidents and personal injury law makes sense after an accident. After the dust settles, other parties may dispute the facts of the accident and minimize your injuries. Defend yourself in case of a dispute and find out what your rights are by speaking with a San Jose lawyer.

Identify potential injuries. It is not unusual for individuals involved in accidents to forgo medical attention only to discover serious injuries later on. Protect yourself against possible long-term impairments, pain, and medical expenses by getting checked out after any accident.

Prevent potential health problems. It is also possible for untreated injuries to lead to serious health conditions later. A bad bruise could become a blood clot, or a sore neck could lead to debilitating nerve pain. See a physician and contact a Bay Area attorney.

Support for pressure. It is in the insurance carrier’s best interest to get injured parties to settle quickly. They will be pressuring you to sign-off on the claim and may attempt to place the liability and blame on you. Seek legal advice before settling a claim that could leave you spending money out-of-pocket for injuries sustained due to someone else.

Keep things as simple as possible. The biggest reason to speak to an attorney after an accident is that things become over-complicated very quickly. Since you never know what the insurance companies will do, protect your interests and well-being by discussing your situation with an established and experienced lawyer.

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