Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits: What Bikers Need to Know

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If you plan on riding a motorcycle in California, there are some things that you should know. San Jose motorcycle accident lawyers encourage riders to use caution and learn the laws around sharing the road. Familiarize yourself with motorcycle safety to keep yourself safe and avoid accidents.

Before getting on a bike for your next joy ride, here are some things you need to know about motorcycle accident lawsuits:


If your accident or injury is due to your own actions, you are still entitled to compensation for injuries and damages–depending on the type of insurance policy you carry. Accidents can stem from a number of conditions and situations, from your own driver error, poor road conditions, or another motorist’s negligence.


Liability insurance is a prudent option when operating any type of vehicle, including a motorcycle. If you face charges due to actions contributing to the accident, you may be held responsible for other parties’ damages and injuries, too. If you lack sufficient coverage, you can be cited or charged, and will be required to carry liability insurance in the future to maintain a valid drivers license.


In some states, motorcycle operators are required to take and pass a basic rider education course. This is typically mandated prior to licensure as a motorcycle driver. Additionally, you will be required to register your motorcycle and keep it road-safe, inspected, and legal.

Legal Rights

Know that motorcyclists have rights; after all, they are sharing the road and should be subject to the same privileges as any other motorist. Motorcycle operators have a right to be seen, a right to a fair share of the road, and the reasonable expectation that other drivers will properly yield the right of way in traffic. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists contend with the bias and stigma of being a ‘biker’.

Our San Jose motorcycle accident attorney encourages motorcyclists to take cell phone pictures of the accident scene and vehicles involved, if possible. Even officers that investigate and survey accident scenes can get it wrong sometimes; protect yourself with your own documentation trail.

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