Tips To Avoid Common Personal Injury Accidents

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Every Personal Injury Case is Different

Nothing derails the fun like an accidental injury. If you have been injured or in an accident this holiday season, reach out to a San Jose personal injury attorney for legal advice and representation. Take steps to prevent some common accidents that could leave you injured and laid-up during the year.

Some common accidents include these potential catastrophes:

House Fires

Nobody wants to think about a fire in their home, but it pays to be prepared. Christmas decorations, primarily dry Christmas trees or faulty lights, cause serious risk of fire. It is estimated that one in every 32 fires due to Christmas decorations result in fatality. Keep your tree adequately watered, and better yet, invest in an artificial tree (it is better for the environment, too). Replace and upgrade old lights to ensure they work properly and are not a safety issue.

Nasty Falls

Wintertime means ice and snow, or extra rain if you live in the Bay Area, which could mean slips and falls for you and lovedones. Not everyone keeps their entry/walkway, driveway, or parking lot maintained, which could present a fall-risk to anyone using it. Falls are prevalent among seniors, and around 300,000 older Americans suffer a fractured hip each year; furthermore, over 95% of hip fractures are the result of a fall. Falls can often be avoided by wearing proper footwear, paying special attention to slick surfaces, and investing in adaptive aids like ice-cleats for regular outdoor activities.

Slippery Roads

Slippery roads are the common culprit for motor vehicle accidents. Pay extra attention when driving and avoid distractions like your phone when you are behind the wheel. In the event you’re involved in a car accident, be sure to follow these guidelines and consult with a car accident attorney.


Even creeping around a parking lot looking for a space can result in fender benders. Make sure you are not injured and seek medical attention promptly; many injuries do not manifest until hours after a collision. Turn down the radio, put down the phone, and pay attention in these congested areas.

Slow down; take your time and get to your destination safely this season. There are, however, times when the negligence of others results in an injury or accident. Do your best to avoid accidents any time of the year. If you do find yourself in a predicament, contact a Personal injury lawyer in San Jose as soon as possible.

Our San Jose Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here to Help

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