These 5 Mistakes Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

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It is important for victims to be wary of mistakes that could hurt your personal injury claim after an accident. These situations could compromise your claim, leaving you uncompensated for your damages. Talk to a San Jose personal injury attorney to learn more about seeking justice for your personal injury.

Be wary of these five mistakes that can hurt your personal injury claim:


  • Handling It on Your Own
    One of the worst mistakes that you could make is to try and file your claim alone, without legal support and representation. This would require first hand knowledge of the legal process as well as an understanding of local laws. Insurance companies are always hesitant to give out information to someone without a lawyer. let a Bay Area personal injury attorney take care of your case while you heal and recover from your injuries.


  • Settling Too Fast
    Another mistake that many victims make is settling too quickly. Negotiating with insurance companies is challenging and they purposely make it more difficult in hopes that you will give up. They know that you likely need compensation- and fast. They use this to settle quickly, often for far less than you deserve.


  • Waiting Too Long
    Don’t wait too long to file your claim. In the state of California, you have two years to file a claim in most instances. After the two-year mark, the court can dismiss the case. There are exceptions that a qualified personal injury attorney can outline for you, if applicable.


  • Providing Too Much Information
    When you file your claim, you will be required to provide medical information pertaining to your injury. Do not send your entire medical history to the insurer or other entities; only consent and send what is required. Giving the insurance company access to all your health records could come back and damage your compensation for this injury.


  • Failing to Seek Medical Attention
    It is crucial to seek medical attention when you are injured in a personal injury incident. Failure to do so may end in your claim being denied or pushed back, wasting valuable time and resources. Be sure that you follow your medical professional’s treatment recommendations as this can also impact compensation for your damages if your claim goes to court.


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